The Navy Seal has AlternateArcticArt=yes set, which causes the game to use the image file seala.shp on arctic maps, instead of seal.shp. This logic works for any InfantryType, however this only works for the arctic theater and only for InfantryTypes.

[TechnoType]â–ºAlternateTheaterArt= (boolean)
Specifies whether or not this SHP-based unit can have alternate art depending on the theater of the current map. For example, setting Image=JUNK and AlternateTheaterArt=yes on a unit will make the unit load artmd.ini section [JUNKA] on arctic, [JUNKD] on desert, and so on according to theater. If any of those sections do not exist then the unit will fall back to [JUNK]. So quite similar to AlternateArcticArt, just automatic and smarter. Defaults to no.


This only works for SHP-based units. Voxels do not use this system and cannot have theater-specific art (you’d have to use Prerequisite.RequiredTheaters to achieve that).

New in version 0.2.