Specific Passengers

Additionally to the checks for Size and SizeLimit, it is possible to allow passengers to enter depending on their type.

[TechnoType]►Passengers.Allowed= (list of TechnoTypes)
The list of allowed passenger types. If this contains at least one type, all other types are not allowed to enter this object. If you want to prevent all units from entering, set this to either a dummy unit or a BuildingType.
[TechnoType]►Passengers.Disallowed= (list of TechnoTypes)
The list of types that are not allowed to enter this object.

New in version 0.A.

Changed in version 2.0.

Ignoring Passenger Size

Transports can ignore the actual size of its passengers and use up one slot for each only.

[UnitType]►Passengers.BySize= (boolean)

Whether passengers will take up as much space in the cargo hold as their Size instead of taking up only one seat no matter the size of the object. If no, the transport can always contain up to Passengers units. Defaults to yes.


SizeLimit is always respected. A too large unit will still not be able to enter.

New in version 2.0.