The availability of super weapons can be restricted by other factors than having a building providing the super weapon. The building almost behaves as if it does not have this super weapon. For example, if a super weapon is not accessible, EVA will not announce its detection once the building is placed.

This does not affect the way DisableableFromShell works. Only the super weapon set as SuperWeapon is checked for this tag, and the building becomes unbuildable even if the super weapon is unavailable.

Even if all super weapons a building provides are disabled by whatever restriction, it will still play the Super animation.

Require a Country

Access to super weapons can be restricted by the owning player’s country. If the country is not one of the required houses or it is a forbidden house, the super weapon will not become available and the cameo will never appear.

[SuperWeapon]►SW.RequiredHouses= (list of HouseTypes)
Specifies the houses that have access to this super weapon. All other houses are forbidden from using it, and it will not become available for them. Defaults to all houses.
[SuperWeapon]►SW.ForbiddenHouses= (list of HouseTypes)
Specifies the houses that can never obtain this super weapon. All other houses are not denied access to it, but they also have to satisfy the SW.RequiredHouses settings for it to become available. Defaults to none.

New in version 0.9.

Auxiliary Buildings (AuxBuilding)

The AuxBuilding feature was used in Tiberian Sun to make the Chemical Missile super weapon work. The Missile Silo provided both the Multi Missile and the Chemical Missile, but the latter also required the player to own a Tiberium Waste Facility to become available. Ares expands this logic.

Multiple auxiliary building types are supported, and access to super weapons can be removed again. This allows for two buildings to provide a single super weapon and also to replace normal super weapons with alternative versions.

[SuperWeapon]►SW.AuxBuildings= (list of BuildingTypes)

Specifies the auxiliary buildings without which this super weapon cannot become available. The player has to own at least one building of any of these types to get access to this super weapon. Defaults to none.


Use this instead of the original AuxBuilding tag if you want to have multiple auxiliary buildings.

[SuperWeapon]►SW.NegBuildings= (list of BuildingTypes)
Specifies the negative auxiliary buildings whose presence will cause the super weapon to become unavailable. This super weapon can become available only if the player does not own any building of any of these types. Defaults to none.

The original AuxBuilding tag now works well together with super weapons provided by building upgrades. A super weapon on a building upgrade will only become available if its AuxBuilding requirement is satisfied.


Building upgrades do not constitute valid prerequisites for super weapons and thus do not suffice AuxBuilding, SW.AuxBuildings or SW.NegBuildings.


Super weapons using auxiliary building logics to restrict their availability do not support building animations.

New in version 0.9.

Only for Human or AI Players

Super weapons can be restricted to be used by houses controlled by human or AI players only. This allows to hide special super weapons the AI might use to gain an advantage from human players.

[SuperWeapon]►SW.AllowPlayer= (boolean)
Whether this super weapon will be available to human players. Defaults to yes.
[SuperWeapon]►SW.AllowAI= (boolean)
Whether this super weapon will be available to AI players. Defaults to yes.

New in version 3.0.

Limited Number of Shots

Super weapons can become unavailable after having been fired a certain number of times. The super weapon cameo will disappear after the super weapon became unavailable.

[SuperWeapon]►SW.Shots= (integer)
How often this super weapon is allowed to fire before becoming unavailable. Use -1 to allow unlimited firing. Is not supported for Charge Drain super weapons. Defaults to -1.


Super weapons granted by crates or map actions will also count against this limit. This might change in the future.

New in version 3.0.

Always Granted Without Building

With Ares it is possible to use super weapons that are not tied to a building that provides them. Instead, the always granted super weapon will become immediately.

This setting still respects AuxBuilding, SW.AuxBuidings, SW.NegBuildings, SW.ForbiddenHouses, SW.RequiredHouses, SW.AllowPlayer and SW.AllowAI.

[SuperWeapon]►SW.AlwaysGranted= (boolean)
Whether this super weapon is not provided by any particular building but is instead always available as long as the player has not been defeated. Defaults to no.

New in version 3.0.