Multi Engineer

Red Alert introduced a way to balance engineers. By being able to capture a building only if has been damaged already engineer rushes became a lot more difficult. If the building could not be captured the engineer would damage it instead. EngineerDamage is not present in Yuri’s Revenge. Ares restores this feature.

Screenshot of an Engineer going to damage a building
[General]►EngineerCaptureLevel= (float - percent)
If the building’s health is equal to or below this percentage of its strength it can be captured by an engineer instead of being damaged. Defaults to 1.0.
[General]►EngineerDamage= (float - percent)
If the building cannot be captured the engineer will damage it by this amount of its full health. Defaults to 0.0.
[General]►EngineerAlwaysCaptureTech= (boolean)

Specifies whether tech buildings can be captured no matter what their current health status is. Defaults to yes.


All structures originally owned by countries with MultiplayPassive=yes are considered tech structures. This definition is likely to change in a later version.


Use sensible defaults. Generally, EngineerDamage should never be higher than EngineerCaptureLevel or there might be situations an engineer blows up the building to be captured.

See Multi Engineer Checkbox to enable the user to turn the Multi Engineer option on and off from the game menu. If the checkbox is not enabled, the game will enforce the settings defined in rulesmd.ini.

See Mouse Cursors on how to customize the cursor to indicate an engineer will only damage the building instead of capturing it by defining EngineerDamage.

New in version 0.2.

Changed in version 0.D.