Campaign Load Screen

Text Color

Yuri’s Revenge always draws single player campaign load screen texts in red. Ares uses the correct values, inferred by the mission name prefix. You can override these defaults for each mission using this new missionmd.ini tag.

[Mission]►LoadScreenText.Color= (Color scheme)

Text on the campaign loading screens for this mission will be drawn using this color from the [Colors] list.

Defaults to SovietLoad if mission ID starts with SOV, to YuriLoad if mission ID starts with YUR, to LightGrey if mission ID starts with TUT, otherwise to AlliedLoad.

New in version 0.2.

Music Theme

The loading theme for a single player mission is read from the map file itself.

[Basic]►LoadingTheme= (theme id)
The theme playing when loading this mission. Use none to disable the loading screen music. Defaults to LOADING.

New in version 0.7.