Mouse Cursors

For several features Ares allows to customize mouse cursors. Mouse cursors can be defined in two ways: As a set of six separate tags, or using a single tag and comma separated values.

In the following list, [Section]►BaseTag represents the cursor’s base name. Replace this with the actual name. The default values depend on the base.

[Section]►BaseTag.Frame= (integer)
Starting frame of the cursor from mouse.sha. The first frame is 0.
[Section]►BaseTag.Count= (integer)
Number of frames in the animated cursor.
[Section]►BaseTag.Interval= (integer)
The rate to animate the cursor. Default is 5.
[Section]►BaseTag.MiniFrame= (integer)
Same as BaseTag.Frame, except this is for the mouse cursor when positioned on the minimap. Set this to -1 to disable the minimap cursor and to only allow players to click on the battlefield.
[Section]►BaseTag.MiniCount= (integer)
Same as BaseTag.Count, except this is for the mouse cursor when positioned on the minimap.
[Section]►BaseTag.HotSpot= (HotSpotX,HotSpotY)
Specifies the coordinates on the cursor that are considered to be the ‘tip’ – that is, the point from which the click event will handled. HotSpotX should be one of Left, Center or Right. HotSpotY should be one of Top, Middle or Bottom. For example, BaseTag.HotSpot=Left,Top will treat the top-left corner of the cursor as the tip. Default is Center,Middle.

All these tags can be defined by putting them into a single line, using the same values as described above:

[Section]►BaseTag= (cursor definition)

Enter the values from above in the given order, separated by commas: Frame,Count,Interval,MiniFrame,MiniCount,HotSpotX,HotSpotY.


You cannot directly use the same definitions as used with other patches for Yuri’s Revenge, because Ares uses descriptive names instead of numbers for the HotSpotX,HotSpotY parts. To convert the values, replace 0 by either Left or Top, 12345 by either Center or Middle, and 54321 by either Right or Bottom.

New in version 0.1.

Changed in version 0.8.