Country Defaults

AI and Base-Building

[Country]►AI.PowerPlants= (list of BuildingTypes)

A list of buildings that the AI will treat as this country’s power plants. Defaults to [General]►GDIPowerPlant for the first side, to [General]►ThirdPowerPlant for the third side, and to [General]►NodRegularPower and [General]►NodAdvancedPower for the second side and all other sides.


There has to be at least one building in this list that always satisfies prerequisites.

New in version 0.1.

Paradrop Defaults

[Country]►ParaDrop.Types= (list of InfantryTypes and/or VehicleTypes)

The units that will be paradropped by Type=ParaDrop super weapons (such as the one normally provided by a Tech Airport) for this country. Defaults to the corresponding side’s ParaDrop.Types=.


The original flags used to control the paradrop units only accept InfantryTypes. To include VehicleTypes in a paradrop you have to use the new ParaDrop.Types and ParaDrop.Num flags.

[Country]►ParaDrop.Num= (list of integers)
The quantity of each corresponding unit (listed against ParaDrop.Types) that will be paradropped. Defaults to the corresponding side’s ParaDrop.Num=.
[Country]►ParaDrop.Aircraft= (AircraftType)
The aircraft type that will be used to deliver paradrops from super weapons or by teams created by map actions. Defaults to the corresponding side’s ParaDrop.Aircraft=.
[Country]►Parachute.Anim= (Animation)
This country’s default parachute used if not overridden by a TechnoType. Defaults to the corresponding side’s Parachute.Anim=.

New in version 0.2.

Changed in version 0.D.


[Country]►VeteranBuildings= (list of BuildingTypes)
All buildings in this list start as veteran for this country and, if available, veteran cameos are displayed in the sidebar.

New in version 0.4.