User Interface and Loading Theme

Text Colors

[Side]►ToolTipColor= (R,G,B)
Interface text and border color for tool tips, the credits counter, and other UI elements. Defaults to 255,255,0 for sides Nod and ThirdSide, otherwise to 164,210,255.
[Side]►MessageTextColor= (Color scheme)
The color scheme used for printing ingame messages triggered by map action 11. Defaults to the 6th color scheme for side Nod, the 13th color scheme for side ThirdSide, to 11th color scheme otherwise. In the unmodified game, the colors are DarkRed, DarkSky and DarkBlue respectively.

New in version 0.4.


The side specific dialog background is used when a Reconnection error occurs or while loading or saving a game.

[Side]►DialogBackground.Image= (filename, *including* the .shp extension) The shp file used as background for dialog boxes for this side. Should be 452x326; the image is aligned on the top left corner of the dialog. Defaults to PUDLGBGA.SHP, PUDLGBGS.SHP, and PUDLGBGY.SHP for sides 1, 2 and all others respectively. Requires DialogBackground.Palette to be set.

[Side]►DialogBackground.Palette= (filename, *including* the .pal extension) The palette used to draw the background of dialog boxes for this side. Defaults to DIALOG.PAL for sides 1 and 2, to DIALOG.PAL otherwise. Requires DialogBackground.Image to be set.

New in version 0.7.

Loading Theme

[Side]►LoadingTheme= (theme id)
The theme playing for a player of this side while the multiplayer match is loading. Defaults to LOADING.

New in version 0.7.


[Side]►EVA.Tag= (EVA Type)

Name of the EVA Type tag to load from evamd.ini for this side’s EVA announcer. Use none to disable EVA. Defaults to Russian for side Nod, to Yuri for side ThirdSide, to Allied otherwise.

See EVA Types on how to define values that can be used here.

New in version 0.4.