Start in Multiplayer

Starting Units

[Country]►StartInMultiplayer.Types= (list of InfantryTypes and/or VehicleTypes)

The custom list of potential units to start with in multiplayer games. If not set, the game selects the types by using AllowedToStartInMultiplayer. Only InfantryTypes and VehicleTypes are supported. Use <none> to disable starting units for this country.


It is now supported to have no starting infantry. The game will no longer crash.

New in version 0.D.

Fixed Global Unit Cost

By default, the game will determine the average cost of a unit by summing up and averaging all costs of units that could be used as starting units (only considering countries that are in the current match). The Unit Count setting is multiplied by this.

[General]►StartInMultiplayerUnitCost= (integer - credits)
The fixed amount of credits for one average unit. If not set, the game will use the method described above. In this case, Ares will now output the inferred average unit cost into the log file.

New in version 0.D.

Pre-Deployed MCV

This allows for countries to not have an MCV at the beginning of the match, as well as for game modes where the base locations are fixed. Also, the initial Construction Yard could be made different from the ones obtainable later in the game.

[Country]►StartInMultiplayer.WithConst= (boolean)
Whether this country shall start with the first buildable building from BuildConst instead of a unit from BaseUnit when starting a multiplayer match. Defaults to no.

New in version 0.D.