The Hunter Seeker super weapon known from Tiberian Sun has been restored and expanded. The Hunter Seeker is a VehicleType that is launched from a building and then steers into an enemy object, detonating on impact.

Default values for general tags:

[SuperWeapon]►SW.MaxCount= (integer)
The maximum number of buildings launching a Hunter Seeker. Set to negative values for unlimited buildings. Defaults to 1.
[SuperWeapon]►SW.AITargeting= (enumeration)
Defaults to HunterSeeker.
[SuperWeapon]►SW.AffectsHouse= (enumeration)
Specifies the houses targeted. Defaults to enemies.
[SuperWeapon]►SW.AffectsTarget= (enumeration)
Specifies which types are targeted. Defaults to all.
[SuperWeapon]►EVA.Detected= (EVA event)
Defaults to EVA_HunterSeekerDetected.
[SuperWeapon]►EVA.Ready= (EVA event)
Defaults to EVA_HunterSeekerReady.
[SuperWeapon]►EVA.Activated= (EVA event)
Defaults to EVA_HunterSeekerLaunched.
[SuperWeapon]►Text.Ready= (CSF label)
Defaults to TXT_RELEASE.

Hunter Seeker specific tags:

[SuperWeapon]►HunterSeeker.Buildings= (list of BuildingType)
The list of BuildingTypes that can launch this Hunter Seeker. Does not have to be the same buildings that provide this super weapon. If the player does not own a building of any type, the super weapon discharges without launching a Hunter Seeker. Defaults to [SpecialWeapons]►HSBuilding.
[SuperWeapon]►HunterSeeker.Type= (VehicleType)
The Hunter Seeker unit to spawn. Only set this to use a specific unit instead of each players’ side default. Defaults to the side’s HunterSeeker.
[SuperWeapon]►HunterSeeker.RandomOnly= (boolean)
Whether every enemy object on the map has an equal chance of being targeted by the Hunter Seeker. If no, non-civilian targets are preferred for human players in multiplayer games, and only if no preferred target is found, a random target is chosen. Defaults to no.

Launches up to [SuperWeapon]►SW.MaxCount Hunter Seekers of the specified type from the firing player’s buildings that are valid launch sites. Only one Hunter Seeker is launched per building.

Hunter Seekers might pick other targets while in flight. They will not target objects under the effect of the Iron Curtain or objects currently being warped out of time.

If the unit used as Hunter Seeker has Harvester=yes set, the unit will go on a harvest mission automatically.

See Hunter Seeker for information on how to define a valid Hunter Seeker unit and how to prevent certain TechnoTypes to be targeted. See Sides & Countries on how to define a default Hunter Seeker unit for each side.

New in version 0.7.

Changed in version 3.0.