Ares re-implements the Drop Pod SW (Type=DropPod) known from Firestorm. A super weapon of this type spawns between a minimum and a maximum number of random units from a list of types, which all arrive in drop pods.


Firestorm had the Drop Pods hardcoded to use E1 (Rifle Soldier) and E2 (Disk Thrower), a behavior that has not been recreated. Ares uses no default types, thus do not forget to set them correctly.

Default values for general tags:

[SuperWeapon]►SW.AITargeting= (enumeration)
Defaults to DropPod.
[SuperWeapon]►EVA.Detected= (EVA event)
Defaults to EVA_DropPodDetected.
[SuperWeapon]►EVA.Ready= (EVA event)
Defaults to EVA_DropPodReady.
[SuperWeapon]►EVA.Activated= (EVA event)
Defaults to EVA_DropPodActivated.
[SuperWeapon]►Cursor= (mouse cursor)
Defaults to ParaDrop.

Drop Pod specific tags:

[SuperWeapon]►DropPod.Types= (list of InfantryTypes)
The types to choose from. Each type has an equal chance of being selected. You can add types more than once. Only infantry is supported. Defaults to [General]►DropPodTypes.
[SuperWeapon]►DropPod.Veterancy= (float)
The veterancy level the units will start with, if they do not have a higher initial rank already. Values between 0.0 and [General]►VeteranCap are valid. Defaults to 2.0 (elite).
[SuperWeapon]►DropPod.Minimum= (integer)
The minimum number of Drop Pods being created. Defaults to [General]►DropPodMinimum.
[SuperWeapon]►DropPod.Maximum= (integer)
The maximum number of Drop Pods being created. Defaults to [General]►DropPodMaximum.

Drop pods need clear ground around them to be spawned. If a unit cannot find a place to land and another cell to spawn above, another random unit and new cell close to the last cell are picked. The maximum number of retries for placing all units is 3 times the number of units to spawn. In case this limit is exceeded, the super weapon stops to place more units.

See Drop Pods for information about the global defaults and other related additions.

New in version 0.7.

Changed in version 3.0.