The Unit Delivery super weapon will create the specified unit(s) in the target area.

Default values for general tags:

[SuperWeapon]►SW.Deferment= (integer - frames)
Delay before the units are placed. Defaults to 20.
[SuperWeapon]►SW.ActivationSound= (Sound)
Played when the units are placed. Defaults to none.
[SuperWeapon]►SW.AITargeting= (enumeration)
Defaults to ParaDrop.

Unit Delivery specific tags:

[SuperWeapon]►Deliver.Types= (list of TechnoTypes)
The list of units that will be delivered. This works for infantry, vehicles, aircraft and buildings.
[SuperWeapon]►Deliver.Owner= (enumeration invoker|neutral|special|civilian)
The country the delivered units will belong to. invoker is the player who fired the super weapon, civilian is the first country of the side named Civilian, special is the country named Special and neutral is the country named Neutral. Defaults to invoker.
[SuperWeapon]►Deliver.BaseNormal= (boolean)
Whether other buildings can be built adjacent to buildings delivered using this super weapon. If yes, normal base space rules will apply. If set to no, delivered buildings will not provide base space to build adjacent to. Defaults to yes.

The delivery of the units happens all at once, after firing the super weapon and awaiting its deferment.

The super weapon will try to find a location close to the target area for each object. This process depends on many factors and also involves randomness, thus the placement order is not fixed. Do not rely on a specific order.

All objects are placed on the ground, including aircraft. Flying units that never land (e.g. the Rocketeer and Kirovs) will take off. Infantry squads are grouped in a single cell.

Units owned by AI are set to go on a hunt mission, buildings are put on a guard and human owned units are put on a guard area mission.

You can mix in naval units and they will be placed where they can normally exist.

New in version 0.1.

Changed in version 0.8.