According to early previews it was planned for Tiberian Sun to include a battery super weapon that would bridge power outages. As there are no traces of it anywhere in the game aside from a leftover cameo image, Ares uses some artistic license to implement this super weapon type.

This super weapon uses the Charge/Drain logic: once activated, the effect will persist for a duration determined by SW.ChargeToDrainRatio, after which it will automatically shut down and the super weapon will restart its charging process.

Default values for general tags:

[SuperWeapon]►SW.AITargeting= (enumeration)
Defaults to LowPower.

As long as the super weapon is active, the following effects can be applied to the owning player:

[SuperWeapon]►Battery.Power= (integer - power)
The amount of auxiliary power given to a house while the super weapon is active. The power is not provided by any particular building and will thus be constant even if the base is heavily damaged. Defaults to 0.
[SuperWeapon]►Battery.Overpower= (list of BuildingTypes)
The types of buildings this super weapon will temporarily overpower. Overpowered buildings use the secondary weapon instead of the primary weapon. While this works the same as Tesla Troopers overpowering the Tesla Coil, the building types are not required to have Overpowerable=yes set. Defaults to none.
[SuperWeapon]►Battery.KeepOnline= (list of BuildingTypes)

The types of buildings this super weapon will temporarily keep online. No matter the power level, buildings of this type will still be powered up. Can be combined with Battery.Overpower to create defenses that are kept online and overpowered. Defaults to none.


Not all building effects might function while the base has no power, but it is possible to keep the radar online even during low power situations by adding the building that provides the radar to this list.

New in version 3.0.