Customizable Campaign Buttons

With Ares you can have up to four campaign buttons on Yuri’s Revenge‘s campaign selection menu and customize all of them in uimd.ini.

Campaign menu showing four campaign buttons

You can customize all campaign buttons using these uimd.ini tags by replacing X by the numbers from 1 to 4:

[UISettings]►CampaignX= (battle)
The mission from battle.ini started by clicking the image button. To hide a button set CampaignX=no. Defaults to ALL1, SOV1, TUT1 or no respectively.
[UISettings]►CampaignX.Image= (filename, *including* the .shp extension)
The 260x136 image shown on the campaign selection menu. Have a look at fsalg.shp to see an example. Defaults to fsalg.shp or fsslg.shp respectively.
[UISettings]►CampaignX.Palette= (filename, *including* the .pal extension)
The palette used to render the image. Defaults to fsalg.pal, fsslg.pal or fsbclg.pal respectively.
[UISettings]►CampaignX.Subline= (CSF label)
The subline displayed beneath the campaign image. To override the default value set this to a label containing no text. Defaults to STT:AlliedCampaignIcon, STT:SovietCampaignIcon or STT:CampaignAnimTutorial respectively.
[UISettings]►CampaignX.Tooltip= (CSF label)
The text displayed as tooltip when the player hovers over the image. To override the default value set this to a label containing no text. Defaults to CampaignX.Subline.

Ares defaults to the original game’s values so you don’t have to change anything. To display a third button just add the above tags for Campaign3.

Three buttons are arranged in a triangle formation: one centered in the upper row, two in the lower one. If you want to have an upside-down triangle, skip Campaign3 and use Campaign4 instead. Four campaigns are always ordered left to right, top to bottom.

To control the sound that is played when the player hovers over the image see HoverSound= on Campaign List.


If you want to have a third campaign button to start the tutorial mission, set [UISettings]►Campaign3.Image=fsbclg.shp. You will have to rework that image, as there is no Yuri’s Revenge style version of it.

New in version 0.2.