Campaign List

If you have more campaigns than the game’s default Campaign Selection menu supports you can switch to a campaign list as in Tiberian Sun. Ares supports an arbitrary number of campaigns. Every non-debug battle listed in battlemd.ini will show up in the list under the name defined by Description=.

Campaign list showing both original campaigns with summary

Enable the campaign list in uimd.ini:

[UISettings]►CampaignList= (boolean)
Enables the campaign list instead of the game’s default menu. Defaults to no.
[UISettings]►CampaignListSize= (integer)
The number of campaigns shown in the Campaign list without scrolling. The number of campaigns shown cannot be less than 3. The maximum number depends on ShowSummary. Defaults to 7.
[UISettings]►ShowSummary= (boolean)
Whether the campaign list displays a campaign’s Summary below the difficulty selection. If shown, the maximum campaign list size is 14, otherwise it is 18. Defaults to yes.
[UISettings]►ShowDebugCampaigns= (boolean)
Also displays campaigns in the list that have DebugOnly=yes set. Defaults to no.

You can customize the campaigns in the list by editing battlemd.ini:

[Battle]►HoverSound= (sound)
The sound to be played when the player selects a campaign. This defaults to AlliedCampaignSelect, SovietCampaignSelect, and BootCampSelect for the original in-game campaigns. The selection menu plays them when the mouse hovers over the respective campaign’s image.
[Battle]►Summary= (CSF label)
Provide an optional summary of the campaign’s or mission’s story. It will be shown below the difficulty slider if not disabled using [UISettings]►ShowSummary.

New in version 0.2.

Changed in version 0.9.