Customizable Dropdown Colors

The player colors shown in the dropdown list in the menu are hardcoded in Yuri’s Revenge and they map to hardcoded color schemes in-game. Ares removes the hardcoding and lets you customize all existing colors and even add more of them.

Using uimd.ini you can define up to 16 colors to be shown in the dropdown lists. Replace X by the numbers from 1 to Count (without leading zeros):

[Colors]►Count= (integer)
The number of colors to display. Values from 8 to 16 are valid and Ares enforces these limits. Defaults to 8.
[Colors]►SlotX.DisplayColor= (R,G,B)
The color displayed in the dropdown lists to preview the in-game color scheme in RGB format, that is three comma separated values from 0 to 255. Default depends on slot index.
[Colors]►SlotX.ColorScheme= (Color scheme)
The name of the color scheme defined in rulesmd.ini‘s [Colors] section this slot maps to in-game. Default depends on slot index.
[Colors]►SlotX.Tooltip= (CSF label)
The text shown as tool tip when the player hovers over the color in the dropdown list. Default depends on slot index.

You can use Observer instead of SlotX to define the colors used for observers.

Ares will display all color slots from 1 to Count. You may redefine any property without having to redefine the entire list.

It is your responsibility to select appropriate values. Ares will not check whether color values and color schemes are unique and distinguishable.


Ares defaults to the original game’s values and adds six more definitions not shown by default. To display those new items, set Count=14. Note that these additional color schemes have been added merely for demonstration purposes and they might collide with the original color schemes.

Default dropdown color values

Slot ID Menu Color Color Scheme Tool Tip Note
Slot1 221,226,13 Gold STT:PlayerColorGold  
Slot2 255,25,25 DarkRed STT:PlayerColorRed  
Slot3 42,116,226 DarkBlue STT:PlayerColorBlue  
Slot4 62,209,46 DarkGreen STT:PlayerColorGreen  
Slot5 255,160,25 Orange STT:PlayerColorOrange  
Slot6 50,215,230 DarkSky STT:PlayerColorSkyBlue  
Slot7 149,40,189 Purple STT:PlayerColorPurple  
Slot8 255,154,235 Magenta STT:PlayerColorPink  
Slot9 148,93,239 NeonBlue STT:PlayerColorLilac For demonstration purposes
Slot10 115,255,231 LightBlue STT:PlayerColorLightBlue For demonstration purposes
Slot11 255,239,99 Yellow STT:PlayerColorLime For demonstration purposes
Slot12 8,195,90 Green STT:PlayerColorTeal For demonstration purposes
Slot13 189,85,0 Red STT:PlayerColorBrown For demonstration purposes
Slot14 128,128,128 Grey STT:PlayerColorCharcoal For demonstration purposes
(others) 255,255,255 LightGrey NOSTR:  
Observer 96,96,96 LightGrey STT:PlayerColorObserver  

New in version 0.2.