This super weapon is a recreation of the Tiberian Sun Firestorm Defense System. For more details, see Firestorm Wall.

This super weapon uses the Charge/Drain logic: once activated, the effect will persist for a duration determined by SW.ChargeToDrainRatio, after which it will automatically shut down and the superweapon will restart its charging process.

Whilst the effect is active, players can click the super weapon button again to manually deactivate it, thus allowing the recharge process to begin earlier and finish faster. See Charge/Drain, or refer to ModEnc for more information about Charge/Drain logic.

In Tiberian Sun, the Charge/Drain feature was disableable through an INI flag ([SuperWeapon]►UseChargeDrain=no) however: Ares forces this logic to be used regardless of the value of that flag. Ares also forces this super weapon to ignore its assigned Action, if any, as this is required to make it activate from a single click of the sidebar icon.


The AI will not use this super weapon. In missions, it is possible to control the Firestorm using the map actions 92 and 93.

New in version 0.1.

Changed in version 0.A.