Charge/Drain Super Weapons

Instead of one global setting, Ares supports customizable ChargeToDrainRatio settings for each super weapon. All settings here only apply for super weapons with UseChargeDrain=yes set.

[SuperWeapon]►SW.ChargeToDrainRatio= (float multiplier)
The recharge time multiplied by this value is how long the super weapon will stay active. Must not be 0. Defaults to [General]►ChargeToDrainRatio.
[SuperWeapon]►SW.Unstoppable= (boolean)
Whether this super weapon can be stopped when active. Otherwise clicks on the super weapon’s cameo are ignored. Defaults to no.


Note that UseChargeDrain is supported for the Firewall super weapon only. Using it along with any other super weapon types it will lead to unexpected results.

New in version 0.2.