Multi Engineer Checkbox¶

Tiberian Sun lets the user enable and disable the Multi Engineer feature from the user interface. Ares restores this feature. If the player turns off Multi Engineer in the skirmish menu, buildings can always be captured using a single engineer, otherwise the settings in rulesmd.ini apply.

Screenshot of the skirmish menu with Multi-Engineer turned on

This tag goes into uimd.ini:

[UISettings]â–ºAllowMultiEngineer= (boolean)

Specifies whether the user can turn the Multi Engineer feature on and off from the menu. Defaults to no. If the checkbox is not shown the settings in rulesmd.ini will be enforced.

The checkbox uses GUI:MultiEngineer as its caption.

See Multi Engineer for more info on EngineerDamage and EngineerCaptureLevel.


Currently only the skirmish menu supports changing the Multi Engineer option. This might be changed in the future to support network and online games as well.

New in version 0.2.