Laser FencesΒΆ

Laser Fences used to work in Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge 1.000 but stopped working with the arrival of the 1.001 patch, in that the ‘lasers’ never turned on (this appears to have been an incidental change and not something Westwood did intentionally).

Laser Fences now work just the same as they did in Tiberian Sun. You need a BuildingType with LaserFencePost=yes to act as a corner post, and another BuildingType with LaserFence=yes which will be placed in between the corner posts automatically (see the original building’s SHP from Tiberian Sun to see how the art is controlled). These fences are impassable to ground objects and invulnerable to normal damage, but when a corner post is destroyed, the fences connected to it are lost. When the corner post loses power, the fences connected to it go offline and become freely passable. When the post regains power, the fences reactivate and any object unfortunate enough to be traversing them will be destroyed.

New in version 0.1.