Reloading Time Modifier

Units under the effect of Chaos Gas or other Psychedelic=yes warheads go berserk, which reduces their willingness to obey orders as well as their reloading time. This reloading time factor can be customized globally and for each TechnoType.

[CombatDamage]►BerserkROFMultiplier= (float - multiplier)
The multiplier applied to the reloading time when a unit is berserking. Smaller means shorter reloading and faster firing. Defaults to 0.5.
[TechnoType]►Berserk.ROFMultiplier= (float - multiplier)
The multiplier applied when this unit is berserking. Smaller means faster firing. Defaults to [CombatDamage]►BerserkROFMultiplier.

New in version 0.8.

Immunity to Berserk

The tag ImmuneToPsionics is determines whether a unit or structure is susceptible to mind control and Psychedelic=yes weapons. If the object is immune to one, it is immune to the other. Ares allows to differentiate.

[TechnoType]►ImmuneToBerserk= (boolean)

Whether this object is immune to berserking, the Chaos Gas effect. Can be used to override ImmuneToPsionics and the PSIONICSIMMUNE ability. If set to yes, the object is not affected by Chaos Gas even if not ImmuneToPsionics=yes; if set to no, the object can be affected by Chaos Gas despite maybe being immune to psionics.

If not set, acts as if set to yes if ImmuneToPsionics=yes or the object gained the PSIONICSIMMUNE ability through veterancy, otherwise as if set to no.


Currently, the default of not being set cannot be restored once this tag has been set.

New in version 2.0.