Radial Indicators¶

Radial Indicators were a feature for buildings that could visualize the range of its weapons or of some ranged effect it provided like a Stealh Generator. The radius was determined automatically by checking certain functions the building had, and it could only be turned on or off using a setting.

With Ares it is possible to customize the range with a setting, which could be used to override the automatically picked radius, or to give a Radial Indicator to a building that by default would not have one. Radial Indicators can now also be enabled for units.

[TechnoType]â–ºRadialIndicatorRadius= (integer - cells)

Overrides the radius of the radial indicator for this unit or structure. Requires HasRadialIndicator=yes. The default is determined by the game.


Units only support non-sweeping, non-concentric radial indicators.

New in version 3.0.