Radar Jammers

Red Alert-like Radar Jammers, where the mere presence of the jammer within a certain range of the radar causes an outage (i.e. no weapons firing, no deploy, etc. needed), are now possible again.

The jamming will only affect the radar functionality of the building, no other functions.

The building will not go offline.

The jammer will only jam the radars in range; should the enemy player have unjammed radars elsewhere on the map, he will continue to have radar through those structures.

The jammer will not work on allied countries, including the player himself.

Ares‘s jammers also jam the SpySat Uplink.

[TechnoType]►RadarJamRadius= (integer - radius in cells)
Specifies the radius around the jamming object within structures with Radar=yes or SpySat=yes will be jammed.

New in version 0.2.