Hard-coded Unit Properties

The game is hard-coded to do certain things with certain unit IDs. Namely the [COW] and [DESO]. These units can now have said special properties switched off, and other units can be given these properties if you want. Hard-coded properties of Cows and Desolators can be toggled on/off for any infantry.


The [COW] was hard-coded to play its idle animation more frequently than other infantry and was also hard-coded to move around randomly. You can now set IsCow=yes on other InfantryTypes or, indeed, IsCow=no on the [COW].

[InfantryType]►IsCow= (boolean)
Defaults to yes for [COW], otherwise to no.

New in version 0.1.


The [DESO] was hard-coded to have different deploy-weapon firing timing than other units to coincide with the unit’s art Sequence.

Deployable infantry that is also ImmuneToRadiation=yes has an additional hardcoded effect which causes the unit to automatically fire at the ground when deployed, depending on the radiation of the cell the unit is deployed on and the RadLevel of the infantry’s secondary weapon.

You can now set IsDesolator=yes on other InfantryTypes or, indeed, IsDesolator=no on the [DESO].

[InfantryType]►IsDesolator= (boolean)
Whether the firing timing and deploy behavior is changed for this infantry unit as described above. Defaults to yes for [DESO], otherwise to no.

New in version 0.1.

Changed in version 3.0.