Extending Base Space of the AI

The AI’s base space is extended by any building that is not considered a vehicle, and unrestricted by BaseNormal, which only applies to human players. Ares adds an option to disable extending base space.

[BuildingType]►AIBaseNormal= (boolean)
Whether this building will extend the base space of the AI player. Defaults to no if both UndeploysInto= is set and ResourceGatherer=yes, otherwise defaults to whether the building is considered a vehicle.

New in version 3.0.

Prefer to build in the AI’s Inner Base

Preferrably placing Stealth Generators in the center of the base rather than on the perimeter was a side effect of CloakGenerator=yes in Tiberian Sun. This feature has been recreated and made optional.

[BuildingType]►AIInnerBase= (boolean)

Whether the AI prefers to place this building closer to the center of its base. Use this for buildings that are to be protected or that provide a ranged effect that works best if it covers large portions of the base. Defaults to yes if CloakGenerator=yes, to no otherwise.


The larger the building foundation, the more unlikely it will be for the AI to find a place to build it near the base center in late game, in which case the game will fall back to the original logic and find a place in the perimeter.

New in version 3.0.