Custom PalettesΒΆ

The original game supports custom palettes on TechnoTypes using Palette (filename, excluding .pal extension) on the TechnoType‘s entry in artmd.ini. However, the game would crash (with the message “You have violated the limit of having only one extra building Palette” in the [non-existent] log file) if you used the Palette flag more than once. And, of course, the one extra palette was already in use on the Statue of Liberty. Ares removes this limit and lets you use custom palettes on all TechnoTypes to your heart’s content.

See Custom Animation and Projectile Palettes.


It is not known why this apparently arbitrary limit on custom palettes was in place – it may have been there to mask a bug that we don’t yet know about.


When using custom palettes, the modder must make a new palette for each theater. Normally, each building or unit has an associated palette for each theater it can be deployed into (e.g. unitsno.pal, unittem.pal, etc). If the modder creates a new palette, say “picasso.pal”, in order for that palette to be used in other theatres, the modder must create “picassosno.pal”, “picassotem.pal”, etc as well.

New in version 0.1.