Custom Animation and Projectile Palettes¶

In Yuri’s Revenge, you could use the animation or the unit palette to display animations. Ares lets you to specify custom palettes for animations and projectiles.

[Animation]â–ºCustomPalette= (filename with .pal extension)
Specifies the palette used to draw this animation/projectile.

You can specify theater-specific palettes by putting three ~ marks to the theater specific part of the filename. ~~~ is replaced with the theater’s three-letter extension.

  • CustomPalette=abcd.pal always uses abcd.pal.
  • CustomPalette=lib~~~.pal uses libtem.pal, libsno.pal, etc.


Note that if you’re using this on projectiles, you have to add the projectile to the [Animations] list.

New in version 0.2.