Electric Bolts

Bolt Coloring

The default colors for electric bolts are taken from the theater palette. The third is always the color at index 15, while both others use the color at index 10 (or 5, if ►IsAlternateColor= (yes)).

[Weapon]►Bolt.Color1= (R,G,B)

[Weapon]►Bolt.Color2= (R,G,B)

[Weapon]►Bolt.Color3= (R,G,B)
The three colors used to draw this Electric Bolt. Can be omitted to use the palette-dependent default values.

New in version 0.1.

Spark Particle System

[Weapon]►Bolt.ParticleSystem= (ParticleSystem)
Defines the spark particle system to spawn at the target location. Use none to disable the particle system. Defaults to [CombatDamage]►DefaultSparkSystem.

New in version 2.0.