Type=ParaDrop and Type=AmerParaDrop

Default values for general tags:

[SuperWeapon]►SW.AITargeting= (enumeration)
Defaults to ParaDrop.
[SuperWeapon]►Cursor= (mouse cursor)
Defaults to ParaDrop.

The original flags that control the units provided by the generic paradrop super weapons (AllyParaDropInf, SovParaDropInf and YuriParaDropInf) and the American paradrop (AmerParaDropInf) only accept InfantryTypes. If you try to include a VehicleType via these lists then the game will create a new InfantryType instead - with the same parameters as the existing VehicleType - ultimately resulting in an invisible InfantryType being delivered in the paradrop.

With Ares, there are new country-specific flags that override the old flags and enhance the way paradrops are delivered. ParaDrop.Types will accept VehicleTypes as well as InfantryTypes. You can send multiple airplanes of user-defined type.

Each plane consists of the following properties:

[SuperWeapon]►ParaDrop.Types= (list of InfantryTypes and/or VehicleTypes)

The units that will be paradropped by this super weapon. For Type=AmerParaDrop super weapons, this defaults to AmerParaDropInf=.


The original flags used to control the paradrop units only accept InfantryTypes. To include VehicleTypes in a paradrop you must use the new ParaDrop.Types and ParaDrop.Num flags.

[SuperWeapon]►ParaDrop.Num= (list of integers)
The quantity of each corresponding unit (listed against ParaDrop.Types) that will be paradropped. For Type=AmerParaDrop super weapons, this defaults to AmerParaDropNum=.
[SuperWeapon]►ParaDrop.Aircraft= (AircraftType)
The type of aircraft that will deliver the units. Defaults to the corresponding country’s ParaDrop.Aircraft=.
[SuperWeapon]►ParaDrop.Count= (integer - number of planes)
This controls how many planes should be send to drop paratroopers. Defaults to 1.

You can define every plane for each country, side or the super weapon separately. The syntax is as follows:

ID is name of the country or side. X is a positive integer, with no leading zeros, starting with 2 up to Count. To customize the first plane (which will also act as the default plane), do not use the PlaneX segment. If you want to set the default properties for all sides, do not use the ID segment. The Count tags can’t have a PlaneX segment.

The Airplane and its contents will be read separately, thus it is possible to only define Aircraft; Types and Nums will use the default value by going though the list until the tags are defined. This also works vice versa.

Types and Nums have to be defined together; it is not possible to change the number of units without restating the types.

Values are read in this order, top down. The first value found is used.

  1. [Superweapon]►ParaDrop.Country.PlaneX.*= (the SW’s country-specific plane number X)
  2. [Superweapon]►ParaDrop.Side.PlaneX.*= (the SW’s side-specific plane number X)
  3. [Superweapon]►ParaDrop.PlaneX.*= (the SW’s default plane number X)
  4. [Superweapon]►ParaDrop.Country.*= (the SW’s country-specific default plane)
  5. [Superweapon]►ParaDrop.Side.*= (the SW’s side-specific default plane)
  6. [Superweapon]►ParaDrop.*= (the SW’s default plane)
  7. [Country]►ParaDrop.*= (the country-specific default plane)
  8. [Side]►ParaDrop.*= (the side-specific default plane)
  9. [General]►*= (the Rules’ default plane)


  • [Superweapon]►ParaDrop.Russia.Plane3.Types=BORIS (and proper Nums) would replace the contents of the third plane for the country Russia.
  • [Superweapon]►ParaDrop.Nod.Aircraft=SPLANE would replace the aircraft for all Soviet side countries.


To give all countries the same items, use [Superweapon]►ParaDrop.Count=, [Superweapon]►ParaDrop.Aircraft=, [Superweapon]►ParaDrop.Types=, and [Superweapon]►ParaDrop.Num=. This creates a clone of the American Paradrop.

You can create unlimited new paradrop superweapons with different properties. Type=ParaDrop and Type=AmerParaDrop are treated equally, but they differ by the default values. The AI will use both types as in the unmodified game.

New in version 0.2.