BuildingTypes and VehicleTypes can now require specific InfantryTypes or VehicleTypes to be among its passengers before they will function.

[TechnoType]►Operator= (list of TechnoTypes or “_ANY_”)
Specifies a list of InfantryTypes and VehicleTypes of which at least one unit must be among the passengers before this object will function. If “_ANY_” (sans quotes) is specified, then it does not matter which passenger is inside, as long as any is. Use none to remove the requirement of having an operator. Defaults to none.

On the TechnoType you will need to set Passengers=1 (or higher) and SizeLimit=1 (or higher).

For BuildingTypes you will also need to set InfantryAbsorb=yes or UnitAbsorb=yes.

If the needed passenger is not inside then the TechnoType will power down in a similar fashion to the Robot Tank when the Robot Control Centre is offline – the unit will not be able to move or fire.

BuildingTypes without their Operator will not be able to fire their weapon, if they have one.

No other building-specific functions will be affected (e.g. providing power, being a factory, undeploying, super weapons, radar, etc).

Units and structures will not cloak themselves if they are not operated, but they can still be cloaked by Cloak Generators. Mirage Tanks without their Operator will still maintain their disguise.

  • Operator logic has no effect on Service Depots – the Operator cannot enter.

  • Operator logic has no effect on deployed Siege Choppers. An Operator is never needed.

  • Operator logic will render Refineries unusable because the Operator will not be able to enter and the Harvester will not dock.

  • Operator logic will render InfantryTypes unusable because InfantryTypes cannot have passengers.

  • Operator logic cannot be used on vehicles that deploy into buildings (e.g. MCVs) because the passenger deploy function takes precedence over DeploysInto=.

  • Operator logic will render VehicleTypes with BalloonHover=yes unusable because they will power down in mid-air without landing, so it is impossible to get an Operator into them (even flying infantry like the Rocketeer cannot enter them).

  • Operator logic cannot be used on AircraftTypes for two reasons:

    1. Aircraft are produced in a place where the Operator cannot board them. You can issue a move order to an Operator-less aircraft but they will immediately crash.
    2. Assuming you manage to get an aircraft to a place where the Operator can board it, if the aircraft can attack then the act of attacking will cause the passengers (including the Operator) to parachute from the aircraft - whereupon it will crash.


The AI behaves unpredictably when faced with units that require Operators and may not be subject to certain effects. You should prevent the AI from building anything that requires an Operator.

New in version 0.1.

Changed in version 3.0.