Ares allows you to split your rulesmd.ini file up into separate pieces so as to better organize the various settings. Any INI files you list under the new [#include] section will be loaded once the main file itself has finished loading. INI files included in this manner can also specify their own [#include] section to load further INIs. There is no depth limit, and the file loading recursion is depth-first (In English: if the original INI file includes multiple files, and an included file includes other files itself, those second-level files will be included before resuming inclusion of the remaining first-level ones. Recurse again if necessary.)

For example, the [#include] section you specify in rulesmd.ini may look something like this:


As each INI file is loaded, any flag that is encountered that has already been defined will have its value updated with the newly found value. Using the above include list as an example, if [E1]►Strength=200 is specified in rulesmd.ini, and [E1]►Strength=300 is specified in rules_infantry.ini, then the GI will have Strength=300 in-game.

INI files are taken to be relative to the Red Alert 2 directory. Values in the include list can include subfolders (e.g. 5=MyModrules_infantry.ini). The currently loaded MIXes are also scanned for the files if a loose file of that name cannot be found, however, this only works if you do not specify a subfolder.

New in version 0.1.