Tiberian Fiends

Tiberian Sun had wildlife, which was yet more aggressive than Red Alert 2‘s cows. Among them was the Tiberian Fiend, which hid in patches of Tiberium and could attack and heavily damage units and structures on the battlefield. Ares recreates this remarkably nasty piece of fauna.

Refer to Doggie on ModEnc to get a full description of this feature. See Civilian Enemies to prevent players to be overrun by Tiberian Fiends without retaliating automatically.

[InfantryType]►Doggie= (boolean)
Whether this unit exhibits Tiberian Fiend behavior: Sitting down on Tiberium when in guard mode, aborting attack missions and running for Tiberium when badly hurt, and being easily aggravated. Requires Crawls=yes, otherwise the unit will not sit down on Tiberium, as well as NotHuman=yes to not show human death animations when killed. Defaults to no.

New in version 0.8.