Crush Damage

This feature known from Dune 2000 has been added to Yuri’s Revenge. In the former, running over a Sardaukar trooper squishes the infantry while also slightly dealing damage to the tank. This way, crushing infantry comes at a customizable cost.

[TechnoType]►CrushDamage= (integer - hitpoints)

[TechnoType]►CrushDamage.Rookie= (integer - hitpoints)

[TechnoType]►CrushDamage.Veteran= (integer - hitpoints)

[TechnoType]►CrushDamage.Elite= (integer - hitpoints)

The damage dealt to the unit crushing this object. Defaults to 0.


When the base tag is defined, it will always reset all previous veterancy values, and then re-read the veterancy values from the same file.

[TechnoType]►CrushDamage.Warhead= (Warhead)
The warhead used to deal crush damage when this unit is crushed. Defaults to [General]►C4Warhead.

New in version 0.A.