Carryalls were a feature of Tiberian Sun. AircraftTypes with Carryall=yes could pick up UnitTypes from the battlefield, carry them around the map and place them anywhere. The carryall logic was not used in Red Alert 2 and was not updated for naval units and other new features. Ares updates the logic and adds new options.

If a unit can be picked up, the cursor named Tote is shown. See how to customize this Mouse Cursor.

[AircraftType]►Carryall.SizeLimit= (integer)
The maximum Size= that this carryall can lift. Use -1 to allow any size. Defaults to -1.
[UnitType]►Carryall.Allowed= (boolean)

Can this unit be picked up by a carryall? If not set, Organic=yes and NonVehicle=yes units cannot be picked up. If specified, Carryall.Allowed overrules those considerations. Currently it is not possible to “unset” this tag to use the default again. You have to set it explicitly.


Units infected with a Parasite (Terror Drone/Squid) cannot be picked up.


For the Carryall to work it must have AirportBound=no and no Dock= set, otherwise they will be unable to pick up units.


By default, carryalls can pick up vessels, which are UnitTypes with Naval=yes set, but they cannot be placed back on water again. If a ship is placed on ground, it will explode and take the carryall with it. To prevent this, set Carryall.Allowed=no on the ship.

New in version 0.2.