Repair and Insufficient Funds

This global tag can be used to change how the repair mode works. By default, all repairing is stopped once a player no longer has enough credits to afford it. After gaining some credits, the buildings have to be ordered to repair again. With this tag, repairing will pause, but not stop.

[General]►RepairStopOnInsufficientFunds= (boolean)
Whether repairing will automatically be stopped when the owning player has insufficient funds. If no, repairing mode will not be turned off. The wrench will still be visible, even though the building is no longer actively repaired. Repairing will resume when the player gains more funds. This only affects human players. Defaults to yes.

New in version 0.D.

Buildings not repairable by Engineers

[BuildingType]►EngineerRepairable= (boolean)
Whether engineers can repair this building. If no, the building might still be repaired by the normal building repair (ClickRepairable=yes), but Engineers cannot be used to restore full health instantly. Defaults to Repairable.

New in version 2.0.