In Tiberian Sun units like the Tick Tank and the Artillery could deploy into 1x1 buildings. These buildings were considered vehicles when dragging a selection rectangle, so many of them could be undeployed quickly.

This feature is still available in Yuri’s Revenge and cannot be turned off for buildings that might be undeployable but should not be considered vehicles.

In Ares this feature can be disabled for 1x1 structures or enabled for buildings with larger foundations that should be considered vehicles:

[BuildingType]â–ºMassSelectable= (boolean)
Whether buildings of this type are considered units when mass-selecting. If no, buildings will not be included in the selection, even if they undeploy into a unit and are actually to be considered vehicles. Defaults to yes for 1x1 buildings with UndeploysInto= set.

New in version 0.B.