Factories and Cloning

Different factories for units (Kennels)

[InfantryOrVehicle]►BuiltAt= (list of BuildingTypes)
Units will be kicked out of the first not-busy building the house owns that is mentioned in this list. If no BuildingType is set, all factories that can produce this unit will be checked. Defaults to none.
[BuildingType]►Factory.ExplicitOnly= (boolean)

Set this to yes to only allow this factory to produce units that explicitly mention this BuildingType in their BuiltAt list. Units with empty BuiltAt lists will not be built here. The effect is the same as stating BuiltAt lists on every unit, omitting all factories that have this tag set. Defaults to no.


To recreate the dog from Red Alert that is trained in a kennel, set [KENN]►Factory=InfantryType, [KENN]►Factory.ExplicitOnly=yes, [DOG]►BuiltAt=KENN and update the [DOG]►Prerequisite to contain [KENN].

“Cloning Vats” for VehicleTypes

[BuildingType]►CloningFacility= (boolean)
Defines whether this building will clone all VehicleTypes with the same Naval setting as itself that are Cloneable=yes and ClonedAt=none. This is the VehicleType version of the Cloning Vats. Defaults to no.

Cloning options

[InfantryOrVehicle]►Cloneable= (boolean)
Whether or not this infantry or unit can be cloned by Cloning=yes, CloningFacility=yes or their respective ClonedAt buildings. Defaults to yes.
[InfantryOrVehicle]►ClonedAs= (TechnoType)
The type to use as override when producing a clone of this object. If not set, the clones will be made of the same type as this object. Units can only be cloned as VehicleType, and infantry can only be cloned as InfantryType. Defaults to none.
[InfantryOrVehicle]►ClonedAt= (list of BuildingTypes)

Each building of the types mentioned in the list owned by the same house will kick out an extra clone of this object for free. If a building is blocked, the player will get no refunds. Defaults to none.


Cloning will ignore buildings with Factory= set. Note that Factory is not what causes the units to walk or drive out properly, WeaponsFactory=yes, GDIBarracks=yes, NODBarracks=yes and YuriBarracks=yes are.


If ClonedAt is specified, neither Cloning=yes nor CloningFacility=yes will clone the object.

New in version 0.2.

Changed in version 3.0.