IsMagBeam Waves and Moving Targets

IsMagBeam=yes waves would not disconnect from their target if it moved out of weapon’s range of the firing unit. The unit would no longer fire, but the beam would persist. If the wave dealt AmbientDamage, this would still be applied though.

Magnetron waves are now always disconnected in Ares if the target moves out of range.

New in version 0.B.

IsSonic Waves and Hardcoded Ranges

IsSonic=yes waves were hardcoded to disappear if they were farther away from their source than six diagonal cells, equaling a cell range of about 8.5. If the weapon’s range was longer than that, the sonic waves would dissolve before reaching their target.

In Ares this has been changed to use the weapon’s actual range.

New in version 0.B.

IsLaser and IsBigLaser on Lower Detail Levels

IsLaser and IsBigLaser waves were always invisible if the detail level wasn’t set to high. This was unlike all other waves and was most likely a leftover from Tiberian Sun, where these kinds of waves were used to give lasers drawn by the actual laser line drawing mechanism a more detailed glow.

Laser waves will now always draw, because they are a standalone feature in Ares.

New in version 0.B.