ProduceCashDelay ProblemsΒΆ

ProduceCashDelay was handled differently than other timers, as it fired one frame earlier than expected. This might have been done to distinguish from buildings that don’t produce cash, because their timer is always set to 0.

If the timer expired, it would not be reset. This did not only happen for cash producing buildings, but also if a cash producing building was attacked by a Temporal=yes weapon at the time the timer reached and passed 1 without being reset. The consequence was that the building would stop producing cash until captured by and recaptured from a MultiplayPassive=yes house.

Both issues have been fixed. The full ProduceCashDelay is now used and the timer will be reset correctly.

Also, the delay never started if ProduceCashStartup was 0. In Ares it will start anyhow.

New in version 0.B.