Multiple AI Factories Clone Units

If the AI were modified to build multiple factories of the same type then every time they built a unit from that factory type they would produce a copy of that unit from every additional factory. For example, if the AI were made to build a second War Factory then they would get a second copy of every vehicle they build. This behavior can be disabled in Ares, by the following flag:

[GlobalControls]►AllowParallelAIQueues= (boolean)
Set this to no to disable AI factory cloning. Defaults to yes.

AI ignores BuildLimit when creating teams

In the original game the AI did not respect a unit’s BuildLimit tag when creating teams. Ares changes this to disallow the AI from creating a team if any unit’s build limit would have to be violated. This new tag gives you a way to restore the original behavior.

[GlobalControls]►AllowBypassBuildLimit= (list of boolean)
Allows AI to bypass build limits to create teams. This list is ordered by difficulty: easy, medium, hard. Use yes to let the AI bypass build limits. Defaults to no,no,no.

New in version 0.1.