Crew with Engineer=yes could freeze the game

Because of a bad algorithm selling a building could go into an infinite loop. The game ensures to at most spawn one infantry unit having Engineer=yes set by just generating a new crew member until it has Engineer=no set. If there are only crew types (set in AlliedCrew=, Technician=, Engineer= and others) with Engineer=yes, this will never succeed and the game will freeze.

New in version 0.3.

Crash with undefined Engineer, Technician and Crew

When Technician=, Engineer=, AlliedCrew= and others weren’t defined, the game crashed when a building was sold or destroyed. This was just because of oversights in both cases.

When selling, the flawed [InfantryType]►Engineer=yes check happened before the crew type was verified to be set at all.

When destroyed, the game checked whether the crew type was set, but then went ahead and tried to write the name of the crew type to the debug log regardless of the result.

New in version 0.3.