Carryall Cargo FixesΒΆ

Carryalls messed with cargo units in a way that would change their rotation speed. This was because the Carryall’s current facing along with its ROT value was forced upon the cargo to give the impression that it is actually mounted below the aircraft. When dropping off the cargo, the original values were not restored. Ares now does this. Also, the facing in which the cargo is dropped off has been changed to be the same as the Carryall facing.

New in version 0.D.

When a Carryall releases its cargo, it will go on guard mission instead of sitting there frozen. If it was part of a team previously, it will try to rejoin that team. If the unit cannot be placed on the map, it is now put back into the Carryall, instead of potentially disappearing.

New in version 2.0.