Selling Buildings ExploitsΒΆ

In Yuri’s Revenge selling buildings could be exploited to give free crew infantry or to create a virtual MCV which could not be destroyed, the latter keeping the exploiting player alive forever.

When a re-deployable Construction Yard was sold, it could be ordered to move somewhere while packing up, and the sell order would be converted to a move order. The crew was still ejected from selling, and the player also kept the MCV. If the MCV could not be placed on the map, it would still be kept alive in memory, unable to be destroyed. If the building was destroyed while being sold, it would eject crew a second time.

Ares does no longer allow a sell order to be converted into a move order, and it will also not eject crew twice in case the building is destroyed while selling. Ares also makes sure the MCV is placed on the map, or it will be taken out of the game, no longer keeping players alive.

New in version 0.A.