Prism Support Bugs

  • Whenever a game mode or map declared the [General] section without re-stating the PrismSupportModifier, the PrismSupportModifier from rulesmd.ini would get multiplied by 100, thus causing supported Prism Towers to deal extremely high damage. This bug is now fixed. It should be noted that several official maps which used to exhibit this bug were already ‘fixed’ by the UMP by re-stating PrismSupportModifier=150% in each affected map. As a result of the UMP fixes, these maps are now set at the original 150%, regardless of what your mod may set it to. If you want to change this then you should manually override the global modifier via Ares‘ new Prism Forwarding logic. This can be done simply by adding a single flag to the Prism Tower: [ATESLA]►PrismForwarding.SupportModifier=whatever
  • Once a Prism Tower had decided to support another, the firing tower gained that tower’s benefit. If the supporting tower was destroyed or otherwise incapacitated, the firing tower would still get the full benefit of that tower, even though there are no visual effects drawn (and the supporting tower may even have started supporting another). Ares fixes this so that incapacitated supporting towers do not contribute to the firing tower.
  • Prism Towers could be made to support another during their construction or selling phases. This caused graphical glitches with the tower. Ares prevents these towers from supporting others.

New in version 0.2.