Spy Behavior

Yuri’s Revenge only permits a Spy to achieve one effect on infiltrating, which is determined by a hard-coded order of precedence. Spy infiltration logic has been rewritten in Ares to be more flexible, including some new effects that a Spy can achieve.

All of the following flags default to no or 0.

New in version 0.1.

[BuildingType]►SpyEffect.Custom= (boolean)
Whether or not to use the Ares spy infiltration logic instead of the original Yuri’s Revenge logic.


Must be set to yes for any of the following effects to work...


[BuildingType]►SpyEffect.ResetRadar= (boolean)
Whether or not spying this enemy building will cause the normal radar sabotage behavior (i.e. re-shrouding the enemy’s map down to just the terrain that they can presently see).
[BuildingType]►SpyEffect.RevealRadar= (boolean)
NEW EFFECT Whether or not spying this enemy radar will reveal to you, the infiltrator, all of the terrain that they, the enemy, have thus far explored. The building must also have Radar=yes set.
[BuildingType]►SpyEffect.KeepRadar= (boolean)
NEW EFFECT If enabled, a player infiltrating this building will still have access to the owning player’s radar even if the building is destroyed, sold or captured. Otherwise the spy effect is removed. Requires SpyEffect.RevealRadar=yes and a Radar=yes building.


[BuildingType]►SpyEffect.PowerOutageDuration= (integer - frames)
The number of frames for which the enemy’s power will be sabotaged (i.e. temporarily reduced to zero).


[BuildingType]►SpyEffect.StolenMoneyAmount= (integer - credits)

NEW EFFECT The amount of credits that will be stolen from the enemy upon spying this enemy building.

The amount of money ultimately stolen from the enemy is always capped by the amount of money they presently have (i.e. if SpyEffect.StolenMoneyAmount=500 but the enemy only has 200 credits then you will only gain 200 credits from spying the building).

[BuildingType]►SpyEffect.StolenMoneyPercentage= (float - multiplier)
The percentage of the enemy’s current credits that will be stolen from the enemy upon spying this enemy building. Only has an effect if SpyEffect.StolenMoneyAmount=0.

Super Weapons

[BuildingType]►SpyEffect.ResetSuperweapons= (boolean)
Whether or not spying this enemy building will cause all super weapons attached to it (SuperWeapon, SuperWeapon2, SuperWeapons and all super weapons on attached upgrades) to have their countdown timers restarted.

The following tags can be used to grant super weapons like the Sonar Pulse in Red Alert when a spy infiltrates a Sub Pen.

[BuildingType]►SpyEffect.SuperWeapon= (SuperWeaponType)

NEW EFFECT Grants this super weapon when infiltrating an enemy building of this type.


Not all super weapon types might be supported.

[BuildingType]►SpyEffect.SuperWeaponPermanent= (boolean)
Whether the granted super weapon will become available permanently. If yes, it will become available uncharged, and it won’t be lost once fired. Otherwise, the super weapon will become available pre-charged but disappear again after being fired once. Defaults to no.

New in version 0.B.

Stolen Technology

[BuildingType]►SpyEffect.StolenTechIndex= (list of integers)

The stealable technology types that is stolen upon spying this enemy building. Only values from 0 to 31 (inclusive) are supported. Use -1 to disable the effect. Defaults to -1.


Note that despite its singular name this tag takes a list of integers and it is thus possible to steal several technology types when infiltrating a single building.

[TechnoType]►Prerequisite.StolenTechs= (list of integers)
The list of stealable technology types that must be stolen before this object can be built. Only values from 0 to 31 (inclusive) are supported. Use -1 to disable this requirement. Defaults to -1.

In Yuri’s Revenge, there were only three types of stealable technology available and these were hard-coded to the first three buildings in the [AI]►BuildTech list (game defaults given in parens):

  • Spying the first (GATECH) satisfies RequiresStolenAlliedTech=yes
  • Spying the second (NATECH) satisfies RequiresStolenSovietTech=yes
  • Spying the third (YATECH) satisfies RequiresStolenThirdTech=yes

In Ares, spying a building with SpyEffect.StolenTechIndex=2 (for example) satisfies the stolen tech requirements for units that require stolen tech 2.


If you set SpyEffect.Custom=yes on buildings in the BuildTech list (like GATECH, NATECH or YATECH), then those buildings will no longer satisfy the old RequiresStolen*Tech flags.

Changed in version 0.B.


[BuildingType]►SpyEffect.UnitVeterancy= (boolean)

Whether or not spying this enemy factory will make all future units you build from your own factories of the same type start veteran. For example, spying an enemy barracks with SpyEffect.UnitVeterancy=yes set will cause all future InfantryTypes that you build to start veteran.


This only works for VehicleType and InfantryType factories at present. Also note that infiltrating any VehicleType factory (i.e. War Factory or Naval Yard) will only make land vehicles start veteran - Naval vehicles cannot be made to start veteran through spy infiltration logic.


[BuildingType]►SpyEffect.RevealProduction= (boolean)

NEW EFFECT Whether or not spying this enemy building will allow you to see what the enemy is presently building from that factory, or the power output, or the owning player’s money. Once the building has been spied, select the building and the information of the unit that is being produced will be displayed over the building.

  • Fake=yes buildings will show the text TXT_FAKE and reveal their true name in tooltips (see EnemyUIName)
  • Power greater than 0 buildings will reveal the power level (formatted using TXT_POWER_DRAIN2)
  • Storage greater than 0 buildings will see the player’s credits (formatted using TXT_MONEY_FORMAT_1)
  • Factory buildings will reveal the cameo of the current production


Observers have been enabled to always have access to this information.

Screenshot of a current production being revealed

Changed in version 0.B.

Reverse Engineering

For a spy effect to reset a player’s build options gained by reverse engineering, see Reverse Engineer logic.


[BuildingType]►SpyEffect.SabotageDelay= (integer - frames)
The number of frames after which the building will be demolished as if C4 had been planted. If negative, [CombatDamage]►C4Delay is used. Use 0 to disable. Defaults to 0.

New in version 0.E.